About pageintraining

Who is page-in-training?

My name is Sarah Wendorf. I am the school librarian at a fifth and sixth grade intermediate school. I love exploring both books and technology.

What’s with the name page-in-training?

Pages can be found in books, on websites, in pockets, in calendars, and crammed into purses. They can be delivered on screen, through gadgets and on paper. They’re everyday things that we encounter countless times. Often we don’t even think of them as remarkable. Why then do I declare myself a page-in-training?

A long time ago pages were in the first stage of training for knighthood. Pages have also been attendants and errand runners. It was this sense of training to come that caught my attention. I consider myself a page in different areas – libraries, reading, technology, history, and writing.

My first place of pagedom is in the library. I’m just starting my third year as a school librarian in southern Wisconsin. I am always looking for new ideas on resources to share.

While I am a voracious reader (and rereader), I consider myself a page-in-training there as well. There’s a growing mountain range of children’s and young adult books out there that I haven’t had a chance to explore. I always welcome book recommendations and love to share them as well.

What can you expect to find here on page-in-training?

You’ll discover experiences in my school library and book reviews as well as snippets of my other interests (such as history).

What do you review here on page-in-training?

I generally review children’s or young adult fiction here on my blog. Unless otherwise stated, books I review are from libraries or from purchases I have made. Any books received as review copies will be labeled as such. I do not review everything I read.

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