Writing Warm Up: Point of View

Writing from someone else’s viewpoint can be difficult. We see everything through our filter and may have a hard time grasping what anyone else would think of a particular event or experience. Yesterday my summer school students started working on their main characters for their novels. I selected our writing warm up knowing I wanted something that would leave them thinking about a character’s viewpoint.

I ended up using a video I had seen shared multiple times over the past few days: That of a cat showing up unexpectedly during a flight of small aircraft. Unsurprisingly, many of the students chose to write from the cat’s point of view. The cat was anything from a sleepy stowaway to a spy on a mission. Perceived emotions on the cat’s part ranged from excitement to terror. A few kids chose to write from the pilot’s perspective.

Today is the last day of the week for the class, and I’m excited to see where the stories they started to go as well as to decipher where my take on the video is going.

Our inspiration:

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