Speech Recognition Google Add-On

I recently read about the new Speech Recognition Add-On for Google Docs from a post by Tech Coach Tammy Lind. I was excited about this Add-On because I had previously struggled with using some dictation apps in the past.

Speech Recognition includes the ability to select different languages to use. Dialects can also be selected, but the dialect regions are pretty large. English has several dialects, including United States, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand.

While testing out the add-on at school today, I found the add-on did a decent job of matching spoken words. When you dictate, the words show up in a small preview window on the right until the speaker pauses. Then the words appear in the document itself. The mistake that occurred was in the case of a homophone. Punctuation can be added by speaking the words representing those punctuation marks, which is something I will try out tomorrow. This will be a great accessibility tool for students. I can also see it being a great way to record brainstorming.

Here is a brief screencast I made showing how to install and start using Speech Recognition. I created this screencast using Screencastify.

For some additional ideas on using Speech Recognition, see this post from Ben Hommerding.

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One thought on “Speech Recognition Google Add-On

  1. Haven’t heard from you in quite a while. I’m sure you’re busy just like I am! And this is very interesting stuff. I haven’t yet really considered using anything with speech recognition, but I’m sure there will come a day I’ll want to! 🙂

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