Streamline Student Sharing with Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an excellent new tool launching this week for schools using Google Apps for Education (GAFE). This tool will enable teachers to share and manage projects using Google Drive more easily. This is a solution that I know offers solutions teachers at my schools have been waiting for since we adopted GAFE. Several educators in my district have been trying out the beta version of Google Classroom over the last few weeks.

One thing I really like about Google Classroom is the ability to easily share out documents to students, whether those documents be direction sheets or a project for students to complete. Students can be given a file to view or have a personal copy named for them that will then have a specific naming convention already attached to it.

I found this collection of resources from invaluable in learning about Google Classroom.

To help prepare  teachers at my school for Google Classroom, I’ve created a few simple tutorials as well.

I am looking forward to using Google Classroom in my library classes. One of our first projects will be creating our Reading Footprints. Later in the year, I would love to use this tool to manage Genius Hour projects.

How are you looking forward to using Google Classrom?

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