Lucidchart Diagrams: Google Add-On

Two of my favorite Google Drive Apps that I taught last year were Lucidchart Diagrams and Lucidchart Press. Lucidchart Diagrams now has a Google Docs Add-On that allows access to complex graphic organizers right inside of a doc itself. Students can share their brainstorming process, create science lab reports, write their family history or show off their interior design skills using this Add-On.

Two weeks ago I shared how to create a very simple web based on a bulleted list using the MindMeister add-on. Lucidchart Diagrams allows students to add previously created diagrams to a Google Doc or to create a new diagram. Templates are available for Venn Diagrams, floor plans and many more options. Students can also create a Lucidchart from scratch. Many of the tools available inside Lucidchart Diagrams are similar to what you would find in photo editing applications: layering, image search, rotation, resizing and font options.

Watch the brief overview below. Please forgive the glitch at the beginning of the recording where you can see the timer. I was testing out ScreenCastify’s beta desktop recorder and it does truly record everything on the desktop.

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