Teachers Write Mini-Lesson 1

Teacher’s Write, a wonderful summer writing virtual camp for teachers and librarians, began yesterday. Kate Messner started things off with a mini-lesson on her blog. I took time this morning to complete the activity while waiting for #nerdcampmi to begin for the day.



Metal creaks and groans in time with the faintly stirring wind that softly lifts the Star-Spangled Banner above my head. Unseen birds twitter and sing from the trees dotting the parking lots surrounding the Western Schools campus. Bright patches of daffodils form a small beacon of sunshine on a cloud-lit day. The profile of a maroon panther stands out on gray stone, a class gift of 9 years to welcome us all to Panther country. The humid breeze, damp pavement and mottled gray skies harken back to the early morning’s rain.

A proud insignia hangs above the main school entrance: the insignia of Nerd Camp. A caterpillar green state of Michigan is nattily dressed in tweed, bow tie and glasses. A clipboard armed with pens, a large-monitored computer and mouse help spell out the Nerd Camp name. Brightly cheerful, this banner designed by Laurie Keller, would not be complete without a book, the item that unites all Nerdcampers. Walking up to the steps, blue, white, and pink chalk lines dress the sidewalk with the following message: Nerdy for Life. Embrace Your Inner Nerd.

An hour remains until the morning begins and nerdcampers are slowly trickling in to the school. Cars clump together in the parking lot, a dozen that will become hundreds. A day of learning awaits.




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