Picturing Star Wars Readers

May 4th is almost gone, but here is my Star Wars related post for the day.

Picture the cast of Star Wars walking into your school or library when their characters were still school-age. What would you recommend for them to read?

For Luke, the pilot and dreamer, who can’t wait to get off his home planet? I’m leaning toward The Ruins of Gorlan and Ender’s Game with its “the gate is down.” Part of me also thinks Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone could be an interesting fit, though I would take Uncle Owen over Uncle Vernon any day.

Diplomatic Leia would get a copy of Serafina’s Promise alongside a copy of Cinder. I would also lend her a worst case scenario survival book. Even though such books don’t cover escaping from Hutts and recovering from planetary destruction something else is bound to carry over.

For C-3PO, insufferable droid linguist, I might recommend Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library to see if he can solve the puzzles. I have the feeling he would detest Patrick Carman’s Floors.

The False Prince would be the first book I would hand a young Han as he has the same knack of irritating everyone. I might also give Swindle a try.

If I were courageous, I might show Chewbacca my school’s copy of Potterwookie, but I think that might go poorly. Perhaps something like the Wild Rescue series might go over better or some of Capstone’s Interactive Survival Stories.

What R2-D2 would read, I have no idea. However, I could see him programming a replica of the castle from Tuesdays at the Castle.

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