Anderson’s Children’s Literature Breakfast Recap

This weekend I attended a wonderful book event sponsored by Anderson’s Bookshop. The Children’s Literature Breakfast is an annual event that I was privileged to attend for the third time.

Maggie Stiefvater, Aaron Reynold, Jon Muth, Laurie Keller, Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver were the featured speakers at the event. Aaron Reynolds recreated the publishing process for picture books with some help from the audience. Jon Muth created a crane as we watched. Maggie Stiefvater emphasized the power of story for both readers and gamers (while coining the term “pathological reader”) while Henry Winkler shared some of Hank Zipzer’s experiences that overlap with his own.

Don’t miss these newer titles by these authors:

Hunted by Maggie Stiefvater (Book 2 of Spirit Animals)
Here Comes Destructosaurus by Aaron Reynolds
Hi, Koo! by Jon Muth
Arnie the Donought: Bowling Alley Bandit by Laurie Keller
Here’s Hank by Henry Winkle rand Lin Oliver

Different Illinois authors travel between the breakfast tables to share about their writing. The first one to stop at my table was Fern Schumar Chapman. Fern’s books are inspired by her mother’s experiences as part of the One Thousand Children project that brought children out of Hitler’s Germany. I am excited to read this book as several sixth grade classes are just starting World War II novel studies.

I am also excited to try out Stacy Kade’s The Paper Doll Project series. Part of the first book in this dystopia series is set in Wisconsin.

By the end of the event, I had a bag bursting with books for school. Check out the Vine below to see what titles I’m taking with me to work. I’m excited to share these with the teachers and staff at my school.

Beyond the authors and books, another reason I love this event is that I get to see some of my favorite reading champions from Twitter. This year I traveled down to the event with fellow Wisconsin librarian @librarygrl2. We enjoyed briefly connecting with @akgal68 @daydreamreader @100scopenotes and @mrschureads while there as well.

No journey to the Children’s Literature Breakfast is truly complete without a visit to Anderson’s Book Shop itself. Now if only I could spend the next week reading all these wonderful books.

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