Remembering Read Alouds

What is my earliest or fondest memory of being read aloud to?

I have many fond read aloud memories including afternoons being cuddled up in the blankets of my parents’ bed listening to my mom read Winnie-the-Pooh aloud as I “rested my eyes”. I cannot remember not being read aloud to, but what I would like to share today a favorite place where I was read to.

What was that favorite read aloud place? My local public library. Back then, my public library was inside city hall. For larger children’s programs we had to down to the basement with its linoleum floors and carpet squares. After one winter storytime, my favorite teddy bear was once left behind at the library and my dad had to brave the icy roads to retrieve it so I would actually sleep.

I once shared my favorite read aloud titles for listening and reading on on Nerdy Book Club.

Being read aloud to is an experience every child should have again and again. Yet that isn’t always the case. Yesterday at the wonderful Anderson’s Children’s Literature Breakfast, Aaron Reynolds, one of the authors speaking at the event, mentioned the first time he could remember ever being read aloud to was by his fifth grade teacher.

World Read Aloud Day is coming on March 5, 2014. World Read Aloud Day is a wonderful time to connect with other classrooms and libraries to read aloud. One World Read Aloud Skype activity I loved from last year was reading Amy Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld’s Exclamation Mark as a reader’s theater.

This was my contribution to the World Read Aloud Day “Raising Our Voices” Blogging Challenge. You can find more out about the challenge on The Busy Librarian.

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