Library Intro in a Box


I wanted to change up my library introduction a bit this year. I thought back to a book talk I did back in library school where I had token items in a box to bring out at different times to help capture people’s attention and raise curiosity. I decided I wanted to apply that method to my intro.


Inside my box, I placed two hats to represent the many different roles of a teacher librarian. One item was my reading hat, which I used to talk about my role in promoting and selecting books. The other is my Google hat to represent helping teach staff and students about Google Drive.


I knew I wanted to hit the hours the library is open, how students check out, how many items they could check out. To simulate our check out keypad, I put in a calculator. I covered a trading card with genre stickers as a reminder to talk about our brand new fiction genres.

clockcheckout items genres


The public library is within two blocks of my school so I included a library card in my box. I promoted them as another source of books and a resource for different activities. We also have a display about public library events in the library.

For each class I then remove a small stack of books that I then promote to the class. For many classes, I spoke about one battle title and then books from our general collection.

booktalk books

Next week, new books will be placed inside the box to share as well as items related to The Dot as we start our Dot Day celebrations next week.

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