Powtoon Genre Intros

Several fifth grade classes at my school are doing mystery and science fiction genre studies this quarter. When asked to do book talks earlier this week for two of these classes I wanted to incorporate some sort of introduction to show some of the different types of books found in these two genres. PowToon came to mind as a tool to use. I’d used PowToon for a short clip for the library website before, but I wanted to see what else I could make.

Powtoon allows for the creation of short cartoon-style videos that can be exported to Youtube or embedded. There are a small number of different styles that can be selected. There are backgrounds, props, and characters. Music can be added to PowToon creations, which gave me the opportunity to try out Soundzabound as well (In Wisconsin, Soundzabound is part of Badgerlink).

The free version of Powtoon allows for 20 videos to be exported to Youtube. Eventually free videos will be limited to 45 seconds, but right now there is not a limit.

Click on the pictures below to see the genre intro movies.

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