A New Library Adventure

Tomorrow is the first day with students at my new school. This year I will be the LMTC director at an intermediate school with just over 550 fifth and 6th graders. Fifth grade is run more like an elementary school, so I will see those classes for bimonthly library lessons. Sixth grade operates more like a middle school. I’m excited for all the great middle grade literature I’ll get to share and to try out different resources for the staff and students. This district started some integrated research projects between the library and the classroom a few years ago in fourth grade. Last year fifth grade started this process and it will be new to sixth grade this year. This will be a good challenge to work out with the classroom teachers and the technology integrator in my building.

August was a whirlwind getting started at my new building, moving, and family health issues. On a positive note, I was able to join in on the district Tech Academy. There were two sessions with Naomi Harms and I was able to get the skeleton of my library website created. New teacher training brought in a flood of information, but most importantly it brought in names to contact when needed. Orders have been followed up on and created. I cannot wait for the first batch of books to come, many of which I learned of through my Nerdy Book Club friends. I have trials for Trueflix and a demo of FreedomFlix out to staff. A rep from Mackin came in to talk about VIA and how it works.

One of the amazing things about new teacher training is that the district has the new staff at each building meet with their building librarian to go over the resources available at the library. What an amazing opportunity to share what’s available and build connections. I hope this trend continues next year.

I commissioned my friend Anna Landin to create a library mascot that I could use for my library’s website and wayfinding signs. I love how it turned out and now the little robot is scattered all over the space. She does excellent work and is pretty reasonable if you ever need artwork! Origami Yoda’s poster had to go up as well as the Lost Hero one. That made the library more homey for me. A theater type curtain was already up on a wall from a previous display. A little rearranging made that a great border for a buzzboard of upcoming books for the library.

I condensed the reference section so the audiobooks got a little more breathing room. That let me move the graphic novels and comics to a new spot where they will have plenty of room to grow. I’m looking forward to expanding our collection on that front! A long term goal is to slide the the rest of the nonfiction over to fill the gap where the graphic novels used to be. That should leave a few shelves to use either as a new book display or maybe a staff/student picks section.

Take a virtual tour of the library.

Here’s a smore page about the library and its purpose.

This is a PowToon video about check out at the library.

I’ll admit I’m nervous about tomorrow, but I’m looking ahead to Dot Day connections, learning, sharing books with students and more. When things get harried, I’ll have to take a page from Pete the Cat and remember “It’s all good.”

P.S. School has a spotlight display for different students each week. I was very excited to see Son of Poseidon on some of the spotlight shelves this week.

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