Capture the Flag by Kate Messner

Capture the FlagCapture the Flag by Kate Messner
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Just in time for the Fourth of July comes a new middle grade mystery from author Kate Messner. Anna, José and Henry are three strangers stuck at a special function at the National Museum of American History. Anna’s itching to get an interview for the school paper, but the senator she wishes to interview is too busy for a school girl’s project. José’s hoping his mother will be spending time at home after months involved in restoring the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner for the museum. Henry’s stuck with his aunt for February break while his dad’s off on his honeymoon. None of them are very happy to be sharing a bench at the event, but little do they know what is happening behind the scenes.

The next day, the three children cross paths again when they are snowed in at a Washington airport. While holed up inside news come across that the Star Spangled Banner flag was stolen from the museum following the reception the night before. Anna, José and Henry get tangled up in hunting for the flag at the airport. Who of their fellow travels could be responsible? How would anything that big be smuggled into an airport? Does the tattooed man at the café who hurried off have anything to do with its disappearance?

The police investigating the theft are focusing on the international orchestra that played at the museum the day before while Senator Snickerbottom, presidential candidate, makes promises to track down those responsible for the flag’s disappearance. Anna doesn’t believe that the orchestra players are guilty for an instance, especially not the parents of young Sinan, a boy with a rambunctious poodle. When the poodle is taken away, it inadvertently leads all four children into danger and discovery.

This is fast paced adventure also has a secret society that Anna is dying to help with and Henry knows nothing about. Our three main characters are all related to historical creators, which adds another layer to the fun.
The copy I read was an arc won from an author giveaway.

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  2. I want to read this one so badly because I LOVE this author. May have to order it for the first day of school and then sneak off with it!

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