2011-2012 Top Nonfiction Checkouts

These were the top Nonfiction books for the school year. My students are fond of books chock full of weird and interesting facts. They especially love those fact books when they are big and filled with outrageous pictures. Another thing they love are animal books.

14. Winter’s Tail

13. Weird But True 2

12. Weird But True

11. Scholastic Book of World Records 2011

10. Saving Animals from Hurricanes

9. Saving Audie a Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance

8. The World Almanac for Kids 2011

7. Spyology: The Complete Book of Spycraft

6. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not: Seeing is Believing

5. 1001 Wacky Things to Do

4. Cats vs. Dogs

3. Scholastic Book of World Records 2002 (Yes, that does say 2002).

2. Guiness World Records 2011

1. Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference

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