It’s Monday! What are You Reading From Picture Books to YA?

Jen and Kellee from Teach Mentor Texts started a weekly meme about what people are reading and reviewing in children’s and young adult literature. It’s a great way to see what others are reading.

Last Week’s Reading Adventures:Catch Up Edition

I’m late posting my entry for this because I spent much of my day rereading parts of fantasy books I loved in high school/early college. I’m not entirely sure what caused this ‘relapse’, but it was fun. Michael Stackpole and CJ Cherryh have some worlds I love to explore. It was good to remember that.


Marty McGuire Digs Worms by Kate Messner – I read this just before a great discussion of both Marty McGuire books on Twitter last week that was hosted by Colby Sharp and John Schu.

I love the predicaments Marty gets herself into. When the students at her school are challenged to come up with a project to help the earth, Marty is very excited. Even when her plot to make recycled paper does not work out and means the untimely death of her dad’s food processor, Marty doesn’t give up. Her Grandma Barb helps give Marty and her friend Annie a very wriggly project to help reduce the amount of trash at her school’s cafeteria.

The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost – This was an ARC I read through Netgalley. Will West’s life is turned upside down one morning when he notices a car following him on his morning run. He evades it by cutting through yards and running faster than he’s ever run before. Once he gets to school, it isn’t long before he’s pulled out of class to discover he scored off the charts on some official test he was trying to blow off. When his mom shows up, he expects to get in trouble for his parents have told him to not draw attention to himself for years. Yet her reaction is anything but what Will expects. Soon Will is on the run and ends up at a prestigious, secret school in Wisconsin. This was a fun recreational read in the ‘kids end up with powers/there’s a conspiracy’ sort of vein. I did find the setting a bit distracting as names of other places in Wisconsin were used for part of the school. This was the first in a series.

Capture the Flag by Kate Messner – I was on a Kate Messner kick this week. The ARC for Capture the Flag was a blast to read. The Star Spangled Banner that flew over Fort McHenry is stolen from the Smithsonian after a special event. Then a blizzard hits. While stuck at the airport, Anna is convinced that the flag is there somewhere. She ropes Jose and Henry, two other kids snowed in with her, to help investigate. There’s a secret society, plenty of wrong turns and a hyper dog named Hammurabi. Can they discover where the flag is? When an innocent musical group is blamed, Anna becomes even more determined to figure out who is really responsible.

Look for this book in July!

This Week’s Reading Adventures:Catch Up Edition

Legends of Zita the Space Girl and The Prince Who Fell from The Sky are books I’m interested in starting this week. It is almost the end of the school year so I think reviews will end up waiting a while as I try to wrap things up in the library.

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