It’s Monday! What are You Reading from Picture Books to YA?

Jen and Kellee from Teach Mentor Texts started a weekly meme about what people are reading and reviewing in children’s and young adult literature. It’s a great way to see what others are reading.

Last Week’s Reading Adventures:Catch Up Edition

Picture Book:

Punk Farm by Jarrett Krosoczka – I read this picture book with kindergarten for the first time this week. I love the animal band and the switch on Old Macdonald Had a Farm so the animals are singing the sounds their instruments make. I wish I had read this book sooner!


The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan – I am a Percy girl at heart, but I definitely enjoyed the end of the Kane Chronicles. I was amused that my theory on one character’s fate was partially correct. One thing I definitely enjoyed as this trilogy progressed was how Sadie and Carter moved from adversarial siblings who hardly knew one another to partners who could work together (and still rib each other). I also liked how the ending left things open for future event. I do have to wonder if one of the newer younger characters could mean exploration of Norse mythology in future Riordan books.

In book 3, Carter and Sadie need to stop Apophis rising. In the months since the events of Throne of Fire, the two Kanes have tried to preserve a document that may have held the key to defeating Chaos and Apophis. The six extant copies of the document have been destroyed, leaving many magicians dead. Many are blaming Sadie and Chance for these losses. To have a chance, the two Kanes need the assistance of a ghost that has avoided punishment for years for a variety of betrayals and wrongdoing. Sadie, Carter and their young trainees also must come to the aide of the First Nome, which is dangerously unstable. If that weren’t enough to deal with, Zia, whom Carter still has a crush on, is displaying dangerous new powers and Walt, Sadie’s interest, is in a rapid decline that can only end in death.

A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Kingdom by Christopher Healy – I actually read this one the week before. I can’t think of a better place to have read it than when I was at my old camp for a weekend with my cousin. This is a hilarious read about four very different princes who all came to wear the moniker of Prince Charming. There’s grouchy Gustav, the over fashionable Frederick, the eccentric Duncan and the hero of heroes Liam. I loved the quirkiness of the characters and the play on the familiar tales. This could be a fun precursor to reading Dianna Wynne Jones’s Tough Guide to Fantasyland.

I posted a review at last of Lies Beneath, a YA fantasy with vicious mermaids.

This Week’s Reading Adventures:Catch Up Edition

I’m looking forward to reading a stack of picture books and starting either on Rebel Mackenzie or Capture the Flag.

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8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are You Reading from Picture Books to YA?

  1. Glad to hear you liked A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Kingdom. It looks like so much fun!

  2. Lies Beneath sounds cool – especially because of the concept of vicious mermaids!

  3. Hero’s Guide is on my nightstand, waiting for me to finish Humming Room. Looking forward to it!

  4. I love the Kane Chronicles. While I, too, love Percy the best, I have found that I like the Kane Chronicles better than the Heroes of Olympus (but I have only read the 1st one). It is good to hear that the 3rd Kane Chronicles is good. And didn’t you love Hero’s Guide- it is such a clever book.

    Happy reading this week 🙂

    • I think Kane Chronicles and Lost Hero are pretty even for me. Kane Chronicles grew on me over time and I think the same is true of Heroes of Olympus (though Lost Hero got devoured faster because I was less busy) I rather love parts of Son of Neptune though. There is one moment that broke my heart in that one (It’s a phone call and…I suppose I shouldn’t spoil it)

      Hero’s Guide is very clever and fun. I do love fairy tales and twists on them.

      a happy reading week as well!

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