Five Things I Love About Ordinary Magic by Caitlen Rubino Bradway

Ordinary Magic debuts in one week. It’s a wonderful middle grade fantasy that I reviewed here. Ordinary Magic is the story of the year after Abby Hale finds out she is an ord with no magical abilities. Here are five reasons I love this book:

5. The king. He’s not above getting his hands dirty to help someone who’s hurt and he doesn’t hold traditional views on ords.

4. Abby’s brother Gil. He writes romance novels under a woman’s name. When Abby’s new teachers discover this I had to laugh.

3. Abby’s parents. They are supportive, wonderful and present in a way that isn’t very common in MG and YA fantasy. There’s no way they are going to follow society on how they should treat their ord daughter.

2. The whole twist on the general fantasy school trope where magical students discover their talents/powers, face danger and must bond together. Here the teachers may be magical, but the students are brought together by their inability to do magic. (There’s also the interesting advantages of having no magic in Abby’s world).

1. The dynamics between the first year ord students. They are not instant friends or bitter enemies. There’s fear, some resentment, friendship and slowly trust.

0. Peter. (Yes, that makes more than 5).

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