Read Across America Recap

The library aide posed Grinch for one of the classes and I couldn't resist a picture.

Read Across America by the Numbers:
Truffula trees constructed: 7
Mini posters laminated: 6
Sheets of Red and White Paper used to construct hat: 4
Guest Readers at school for Read Across America: 3
Classes I read to: 10
Early Childhood Classes: 1
Kindergarten Classes: 2
First Grade Classes: 1
Third Grade Classes: 2
Fourth Grade Classes: 1
Montessori Classes: 2
Lunch periods read to: 1
Students bemused by Fox in Socks app: 2
Number of 15 minute reading sessions: 11
Number of laughs caused by fake hat: countless

Here’s a recap of the stories I read:

Times Read: 1
Read to EC
Discovery: Roar enough and tears can turn to giggles.

Times Read: 2
Read to Kindergarten and Fourth
Discovery: Reading the archduke’s voice is very, very fun.

Times Read: 4
Read To: First, Third and Montessori
Discovery: I love the look on people’s face on the reveal of what Piggie is actually doing.

Times Read: 7
Read To: EC, Kindergarten, First, Third, Fourth, Montessori
(Re)Discovery: How different ages react to this book is fascinating.

Times Read: 8
Read To: Kindergarten, First, Third, Fourth, Montessori, Lunch!
Stories Read: Gustav the Goldfish (6 times), The Bear, the Rabbit, and the Zinniga-Zanniga (2 times)
Discovery: Gustav the Goldfish really grew on me. I also like when kids ask how Dr. Seuss can have a new book.

Reading to Third Grade

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