March Book Madness Begins!

Click the image above to play the GoAnimate announcement.

On Thursday we kicked off March Reading Madness at my school, but preparations started Monday morning. Each classroom received a reading mascot for the month. Brown Bear went down to kindergarten, Clifford to first grade, Pete the Cat to second grade, Fox in Socks to third grade, Mrs. Frizzle to fourth grade, and the Grouchy Ladybug to Montessori to name a few.

Our library mascot, kindly drawn by a friend, gained a Cat-in-the-Hat style hat for the month. He now appears throughout the hallway and our front door with posters advertising a handful of our events this month. With the aide of dry-erase crayons and window markers, truffula trees started going up. (Window markers are such fun. For the first time I can understand the urges of graffiti artists…).

Posters and paper trees have gone up in the school. Little announcements with a pseudo-Seuss rhyme for the start of the month went out as well. Kindergarteners tell me new titles for Pigeon books at lunch.

Making clips for the morning announcement wiki at school has been fun. Besides encouraging me to finally use GoAnimate as seen at the start of this post, I also used Blabberize for the first time.

With the start of March came the start of March reading list poster for the month. I hope I can fill the paper up! This is in the 3rd/4th grade hallway. One title that will go on the list is Anne Ursu’s Breadcrumbs as I am rereading the book with a group of 8 students.

On Monday, we are starting to collect books for our book exchange on March 13. We are also starting our school wide reading graph for the month. It’s going to be made out of colored feet in tribute to Dr. Seuss’s the Foot Book.

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