Don’t Miss World Read Aloud Day!

5 days remain until this year’s World Read Aloud Day event (3/7/12). It is a great day to celebrate literacy while also drawing attention to global literacy needs. I first heard about World Read Aloud Day (WRAD) last year by reading accounts of how other schools celebrated this day by connecting with different libraries and classrooms. I knew then that I wanted to participate. Sharing reading with our students is so important. It shows we are readers too and exposes them to books they might not otherwise know about or considering picking up.

One place to get ideas is with the Change the World Story by Story wiki, which has ideas for celebrating WRAD 2012 and people looking for classroom connections. This wiki is run by John Schu and Shannon Miller (@mrschureads and @shannonmmiller), WRADAdvocates extraordinaires.

Author Kate Messner has another invaluable resource. She’s created a list of authors willing to Skype with classrooms for free on WRAD. I am super excited for Kate and Dianne de las Casas Skype with some of my classes next week Wednesday. They are the first authors I’m ‘bringing’ into my school. If you want to schedule a free Skype visit for your school, you might want to check out this wiki.

To spread World Read Aloud Day to more of my classes, we are also connecting with some other school libraries throughout the week. We’ll be reading with some wonderful librarians and their classes in Wisconsin, Maine and Virginia. It’ll be a blast. I’m thankful for their willingness to share and collaborate.

What will we be reading? We have some Dr. Seuss lined up, Elephant & Piggie, Extra Yarn and other fun stories. One of my classes is doing a read aloud of Star by the Sea, a nonfiction book (because nonfiction can be a great read aloud too!) I’ll be having some lunch practice sessions for some of my readers.

The classroom teachers in my school are getting into World Read Aloud Day as well. During our morning meeting time that Wednesday they are all swapping rooms to read for 15 minutes. One of the classroom teachers came up with the rotation and got it out to everyone.

World Read Aloud Day is sponsored by Lit World, which promotes literacy around the world, creating literacy leaders and events that celebrate the power of reading.

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