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This year I am rereading all of my family’s Little Golden Books. Titles in the family collection consist primarily of books from the 1940s to 1980s. The first Little Golden Books were published in 1942.

Trying to get back to my challenge, I read The Color Kittens yesterday. When I read or hear of Little Golden Books, this is one of the first two books to pop into my mind. I can remember reading this at my grandparents’ house when I was little. This is rather fitting as you’ll see in a little bit.

Challenge Book 3: The Color Kittens
Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrator: Alice Provensen
Publication Year: 1949 (My copy says 1977)

Hush and Brush are two cats who love to paint. They need the color green, but they do not have any cans of it. They try mixing together their paints to make green, going through many false combinations along the way before stumbling upon the yellow and blue they need.

The text is rather whimsical and some of the rhymes a little strange. For each colors the kittens make, a number of things that appear in that color are included (as in ‘pink is for pig). As a kid, I loved seeing these cats in their little painter suits. Three early books I can remember all had to do with colors, which strikes me as a little odd. The one thing that surprises me reading this as an adult was just how many colors these kittens needed to make brown.

Favorite Illustration:

I like this illustration for its brightly colored constellations. I also like the kittens tucked in their beds and the owl’s expressions. This is one of the pages with more background on it.

When I got my copy of this book, I must not have been writing yet. My name was written in grandma’s handwriting. I think there is something kind of cool of being able to read someone’s writing years after they have died.

Back Cover (featuring a number of franchise characters):

Here the list of titles has been moved of the outside of the back cover and moved to the inside.

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