The Power of the Parasite by Jennifer and Matt Holm

Squish #3: The Power of the ParasiteSquish #3: The Power of the Parasite by Jennifer L. Holm
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Squish’s summer is off to a rough start. When forced to pick between swim camp and ballet camp, he chooses swimming only to find out his best friends Peggy and Pod are enrolled in ballet camp instead. Squish reluctantly trudges off to swim camp.

While the other amoebas at the pool are having super awesome fun, Squish is not. The pool staff don’t even have his name right! They think he is Squash not Squish. While other little amoebas splash and swim, Squish sticks to pool ledge as he remembers what happened the last time he attempted to swim. Even though his teacher tries to encourage him to try, Squish invents excuses not to get wet. A supposed bathroom trip results in several hours of reading his favorite comic.

That comic is what leads him to making a new friend. Basil the hydra loves Super Amoeba too. Now Squish has someone to hang out with, someone who loves goofing off and pulling pranks. Now Squish can’t wait to get to camp even if he still won’t try swimming, but that fun starts to turn dangerous as Basil pushes the limit further in the name of fun. When Basil stuns their swim coach, Squish will have to make a decision.

Parallel to Squish’s story is the story of comic book hero Super Amoeba dealing with the arrival of the Parasite, a hero Super Amoeba met several years earlier. At first, Parasite offers to help Super Amoeba but Squish’s favorite hero will have some tough decisions to make when the Parasite displays his true nature.

The green and white illustrations in this book add humor to this fast paced graphic novel. I loved all the different notes that caption the different characters and events in the story. I also like the little bits of science snuck in as well. The Holms have created a great new volume in this series with a friendship theme that many kids will connect with. Students will have super awesome fun with this book!

My review copy came from NetGalley.

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3 thoughts on “The Power of the Parasite by Jennifer and Matt Holm

  1. We are looking forward to this one lots here at my house!

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