Mini Mock Caldecott

The Caldecott Award is being awarded next week Monday. After reading about Mock Caldecotts being held at different schools around the United States, I decided this week to host a mini Mock Caldecott at my school. I advertised the event to my third and fourth grade students using our new school announcement wiki and in the book letters I write each week for my classes.

Yesterday at the start of their lunch period the third and fourth grade students could stop by the library and look at the artwork before coming to tell me their choice for the Caldecott. Students were also able to tell me their second and third choices if they had them. About a dozen students came to participate in the event.

Something that worked out well was that I had set up the books as stations on our tables and had cards with the names of the books in case a book was left open for examining. If I were to have this event in the future, I would promote it more in advance and open it to other grade levels. I did like the lunch option so students were coming in to the library for a few minutes for something extra. Another option though would be to create a voting section in the library for classes to participate during their checkout time.

The Mock Caldecott Winner at my school was Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes.

Our Honor book was A Ball for Daisy by Chris Raschka.

One teachable moment that arose came from some fourth grade students’ surprise that A Ball for Daisy was wordless. They hadn’t encountered a book like that before that they could remember.

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