Experimenting with Glogster

Several teachers, the principal and I are currently planning a Digital Learning Fair to hold on February 1 for Digital Learning Day. I plan to share more about the learning fair in a future post. Some stations at our fair will showcase student work and that’s where this post comes in.

Last Friday a third grade teacher helping plan the event approached me to see if I could assist while her students worked on taking their planet research and turning it into a digital poster using Glogster EDU. I’m very excited about this for two reasons. First, I get to be involved in an authentic technology learning experience rather than one created in isolation from what is going on in the classroom. Second, it gave me the impetus I needed to dive in and start learning how to use Glogster. A number of librarians and teachers I follow online have mentioned using this tool, but I have shied away from it in the past because it doesn’t play well with our school filter.

In preparing for my first Glogster experience with the third graders, I created a glog to advertise Digital Learning Day on my school’s announcement wiki. Incorporating the text boxes, choosing what background on wanted on the glog’s wall, and adding links proved to be straightforward enough. The one thing I couldn’t get to cooperate for me was changing the font color on my stickers.

View this glog on glogster.

Today was the first day I worked with the third graders. The students are creating their glogs in groups that they also used to do their research before my involvement. While our time was short today for a variety of reasons each group was able to create the start of their glog and save it. Many of the groups found an appropriate background. I’ll be on hand later in the week when they are adding facts and images to their glogs.

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2 thoughts on “Experimenting with Glogster

  1. Sarah–Did you get the paid subscription? I can’t remember what you said before. If not–how are you getting all of the glogs so that you can post a link for kids/teacher to look at. All I can think to do is have them send an email to me with the direct link. Or maybe I could have them cut and paste the URL into a comment box on my blog, and then I could link up to them from there (I just thought of that as I was typing in this box)

  2. I have a free educator account right now and I think the classroom teacher I am working with has a trial she is testing out. You could also maybe have them drop the url in a Google Form or something like that.

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