Bigger than a Bread Box by Laurel Snyder

Bigger than a Bread BoxBigger than a Bread Box by Laurel Snyder
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Rebecca’s family is coming apart. Her dad lost his job as a cabbie after an accident totaled his cab. Her mom’s at wit’s end trying to keep everything going. In the middle of one argument, Rebecca’s mom says she could do better without the dad.

It isn’t long before Rebecca and her little brother Lew are packed into the family car and hauled to Atlanta, far from the Baltimore home where Rebecca desperately wants to be. Sure, she likes being around Gram, but everything else is so wrong. Her new school doesn’t even get her name right once a teacher introduces her as Becky. She’s never been Becky before.

At first being Becky is kind of cool for Rebecca when she’s paired with popular Hannah on the first day. When Rebecca sits with the in crowd at lunch, she doesn’t like the teasing the others take part it. She doesn’t say anything though as she’s the new girl.

Hiding up in Gram’s attic, Rebecca discovers a collection of bread boxes. Imagine her surprise when she discovers one of them grants wishes! A book. Sea gulls. A cookie. The bread box provides all of these. Soon she’s able to give the kids at school the things they likes. But when she asks it to give her a coat like Hannah’s will she have gone too far?

Laurel Snyder does a fantastic job of transporting the reader to Rebecca’s world in this book. Her pain and family frustration is very real. This is an emotional roller coaster with a touch of fantasy that is not to be missed.

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