Celebrate Nonfiction: Brainstorming

Throughout November I’ve enjoyed celebrating Picture Book Month with my students. My book letters to my first through fourth graders centered on the daily themes. Posters hang throughout the school and a growing calendar on the library white board. One group made picture book digital posters. An enrichment group and another one of my classes were able to Skype with different schools to read from Mary Ann Hoberman’s books so far this month. We’re creating slideshares about picture book creators with ties to our state. I’ve loved seeing more of my libraries collection and connecting students with more of the collection as well (and still trying to get home the point that picture books are for everyone).

For the last week, I’ve been mulling over an idea. I was thinking it’d be fun to do something similar for nonfiction books. I want students to be more comfortable going into the nonfiction section at school (some students still ask if its really ok to be back there to choose books). I’m also looking forward to learning more of the collection and sharing great titles.


Would weekly themes work better for nonfiction or coming up with some sort of daily theme?

Is this something teachers and librarians would be interested in?

What are some ideas on how to celebrate nonfiction books?

When would be a good month to do this? I was thinking it’d be fun to work this in with World Read Aloud Day, but would that create too much for March with that also having Read Across America? Would February or April work better?

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3 thoughts on “Celebrate Nonfiction: Brainstorming

  1. Awesome idea. February is “I love to read month” and Black History Month – so that typically is a busy, short month for me already.
    Is January too soon? It could be Nonfiction for the New Year!

  2. I think it’s a great idea. February is Black History Month and it may be an ideal way to coordinate Black History Month themes with nonfiction suggestions. I’ll have to think about how to highlight nonfiction but I’m all for it and would be glad to help in any way I can.

  3. January might be a little soon planning wise given December on my end, but it’s a possibility. I do like the sound of Nonfiction for New Year. Looking for a few more ideas/suggestions before I pick. I did like Amy’s tie in for Black History Month as well. (Which makes me think of doing a month kick off and then come up with something smaller scale to do other months).

    One option would be to have a ‘pick your own month’ sort of thing, but I like the idea of a group effort. We also could maybe not follow a strict calendar month.

    Thank you both for feedback!

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