The One and Only Stuey Lewis by Jane Schoenberg

The One and Only Stuey Lewis: Stories from the Second GradeThe One and Only Stuey Lewis: Stories from the Second Grade by Jane Schoenberg
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Have you ever tried to hide something you’re not good at? Do you have a secret you don’t even want your best friend to know? That’s life for Stuey Lewis at the start of second grade. He’s afraid of being found out and that fear messes with everything.

What’s Stuey’s secret? He can’t read. When his best friend invites him fishing, Stuey is excited to go until he learns a trip to the bookstore is included. Not wanting to look dumb in front of his super reader friend, Stuey tries to back out of the trip. When he learns one of his school library books must be a good fit book, Stuey doesn’t want to go if it means being seen with ‘baby’ books. Not if it means telling his teacher Ginger what he can’t do.

Stuey’s second grade year continues with a great Halloween scheme to get the most candy now that he’s allowed to trick or treat with his older brother rather than with his mom. There’s no way this plan could go wrong. That is until he runs into the annoying Lily Stanley at Ginger’s door. Can his disguise hold up to both his nemesis and teacher?

The book wraps up with Stuey’s struggles with soccer and an end of the year school project, both of which throw Stuey in Lily Stanley’s way. I like how the stories from his life show people in different ways. For example, Stuey’s brother calls him names throughout the books, but he also acknowledges when Stuey does well. It’s good to see a dynamic that goes past calling Stuey stupid. I think this book would be a great class read-aloud in elementary school.

Stuey Lewis Against All Odds: Stories from the Third Grade will be coming out in spring 2012. I look forward to sharing Stuey’s next set of adventures.

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  1. Thanks for nominating this for a cybil – so please as this meant I picked it up and read it this weekend and loved it! Here’s my review:

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