Margaret Peterson Haddix and the Missing Series

36 babies. A plane that vanishes. Stranger letters in the mail. Put these together and you have the start of Margaret Peterson Haddix’s The Missing series. For those of you who love the 39 clues, she also wrote book 10 in that series.

Watch the first video for a trailer of Found, the first book in the Missing series.

Haddix spoke recently at the Franklin Public Library where she talked about her motivation for Found and its sequels.

The first four books in this time travel series are out. Right now Haddix plans on the series lasting for seven books and is currently writing book six.

Each of the children from the mysterious plane is a different person from history. Haddix told us that her main character Jonah used to have a different historical personality. While she wouldn’t tell us who he is now (wait for book seven), she would tell us who he used to be. Jonah was originally Charles Lindbergh, Jr. who was the victim in a famous kidnapping case of the 1930s.

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