Take a Look, It’s From a Book: Visiting House on the Rock

This beautiful Saturday I headed out with friends to House on the Rock near Spring Green, Wisconsin. Designed by Alex Jordan, Jr. the House on the Rock is a unique collection of nooks, crannies and collections. From small waterfalls to beautiful flowers, mechanized instruments to carousels, doll houses to kraken, the House on the Rock is a visual overload of the bizarre and amazing.

An important part of Dan Gutman’s The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable takes place at the House on the Rock. Since first reading the book this spring, I’ve wanted to make a second visit to this estate with my book in hand. The cover of the book shows the Infinity Room, a wonder of 218 feet jutting out over the surrounding property at a height of 85 feet. It makes quite the optical illusion. There’s also a piece of the floor that has a glass floor so you can see down to the trees below.

Reading Genius Files in the Infinity Room.

Matching the book's picture with the Infinity Room

The Octopus’s Garden was another area specifically mentioned in the book. This is one of the numerous musical machines that play when visitors put in tokens to run it. This one played the Beatles’ song of the same name. Other songs played throughout the complex include Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Blue Danube.

I’m not sure if this is a giant squid, a kraken or an octopus. Thoughts?

If you have not read Mission Impossible I highly recommend it!

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