Library Set Up 2

Everything is set in the library for day one. One of the things I am pleased about is that graphic novels have their own place to call home as do the new books. I suspect when the next big order comes in that I’ll need to spill the new books over into a few other places as well.

Graphic novels also have a special place now. Both the new books and the graphic novels are in a spot of the library that is a little less traveled. I’m hoping they draw people over in that direction. They are also right where kids going to the computer lab will see them on their way.

The tops of the E and FIC sections are covered in with ‘Super Series.’ Popular and new-to-the-library series on top of the bookcases in little stacks. I’m hoping many of these will go out on Friday, when over half the classes are stopping by to check out their first book. Regular checkout doesn’t start until after labor day.

Some new nonfiction books are on display above the nonfiction shelves. I’m hoping kids will like the National Geographic Face-to-Face animal books as well as the You Wouldn’t Want to Be history books. Books from both series came in at the very end of last school year so most students didn’t get to see them.

A small back to school display is hiding up front in the instructional space. Watch for it in the library tour.

Tour created with Animoto and my Canon PowerShot Elph 100 HS. Music on the tour is by Artist: Jap Jap and the
Song: Winds Of Change – this was one of the selections available with my Animoto EDU account.

Watch for a future post with a few last displays before the start of school.

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2 thoughts on “Library Set Up 2

  1. I didn’t get a chance to watch the tour, but the library looks gorgeous and inviting. Well done! Hope it goes well this year. 🙂

  2. Thanks! Things went pretty well in the library on day 1. I visited 8 classrooms today to introduce myself and share a story.

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