Travel in Time: Wisconsin Style

August brought me the change to travel back in time in Wisconsin. Did I find a TARDIS? No. Does that mean I suddenly inherited a car equipped with a flux capacitor? No, but cars were involved.

I made my annual trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire earlier this month and then ended up visited some sites near Blue Mounds, WI. These places will eventually be used for the Where in Wisconsin challenge I’m putting up in the library. I want to start the challenge with places I’ve visited (which means I better get on to visiting some more spots on the weekends and putting that state park pass to use!)

I love history and visiting different places. They often given me story fodder. I also enjoy the fantasy genre a lot, which makes the Renaissance Faire an entertaining visit. There’s jousting, knights, royalty, swordfighting, music, theater, jousting, food, animals, wit, and did I mention jousting? There were also books.

At the book store, I snagged a book from one of my favorite nonfiction series: You Wouldn’t Want to Be. A few of these are now available for free online.

Little Norway is nestled away between Mount Horeb and Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. One of the buildings there is from the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. The building was constructed in Norway before being taken apart and reassembled at the World’s Fair. I found a number of gnomes here, one troll statue and a Jane Yolen book.

Then I visited Cave of the Mounds. These caves were discovered in 1939 and are amazing (One tiny part of the caves used to have little smurfs in it until the cave became a National Natural Landmark).

Did I mention the jousting from earlier?

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