Library Planning: Logo, Mission and Vision

With the school year rapidly approaching I’ve started working my way through Hilda Toor and Ruth K. Weisburg’s Being Indispensable. Their previous book, New on the Job, was my library school textbook because of its practicality.

The beginning sections of Being Indispensable is concerned with some pretty global things in terms of purpose and marketing. The authors encourage school librarians to create a mission for the school library program. This part of the book also has librarians thinking of taglines, vision statements and the school community at large.

The first thing I did was think of a logo to use in the library and hopefully on the library website (and maybe Edmodo as well). The school mascot is the cougar, so I used Paw Prints 17 from Cartoon Clip Art World to replace the letter O in the school name. The font I used is called Vigilante Sidekick and is from I hope to add a drawing to it at some point.

When drafting a mission statement, I decided to step away from the more formal and jargon riddled versions I came up with. I moved on to trying to create something in language my elementary students had a better chance of understanding. The clip art pictures came with my Office 2007 suite. I would like to put this up in the library, maybe with pictures of different tools and projects coming up throughout the year.

The Cooper Library is here so students share what they love to read; think about what they read, see and hear; find the facts they need, create something new with what they learn; act responsibly with what they find, make and share.

After I created the mission statement, I brainstormed a long list of taglines. I finally settled one one with three short goals: Read, Create, & Share.

Cooper Library: Read, Create, Share

The authors encouraged writing the vision statement in present tense even though it aims at the ideal of the library can be in the future. Drafting the vision was something I struggled with and I think I will need to revisit this a few times before I get it nailed down into something more concrete. Right now it feels like something out of a textbook. Here it is so far:

    The Cooper Library is the heart of the school community that spreads a love of reading and the technology savvy needed for lifelong learning while meeting diverse learners at their point of need. It is a collaborative center that creates global connections.

Feedback welcome.

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