Book Choosing Song

Yesterday I intended to work on a short story I owe for a special project my writing group is taking on for its fifth anniversary. The batteries died in my mp3 recorder which prevented much work on the story. Instead, I started thinking of how to turn the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star into a song about books.

After a great deal of fiddling, I had a little song. One of my goals this summer was to explore some different technologies to use in the library. I downloaded Audacity to record the song. I then used Animoto for the first time to combine the music and some pictures.

The end result can be viewed here. I may end up tweaking it so there are more book covers in it.

Here are the song lyrics:

Now I want to take a look
Turn the pages of a book
Humor, adventure, fantasy
Graphic novels and mystery
Now my read of this book’s done
Time to pick another one.

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