A Stop Over at Avol’s Books

Yesterday proved to be a great afternoon to wander around downtown Madison. I made an impromptu stop at Avol’s Books, a new-to-me book store while heading back toward the Cooperative Children’s Book Center. Avol’s books is a used bookstore that I found to have a great children’s section tucked away inside.

Outside of Avol's Books

Once inside the shop, I found some picture books on display near one of the front windows.

Books on display in Avol's Books

Front Picture Book Display at Avol's Books

Having grown up near Madison and a Badger hockey fan, I was drawn to the picture book with the badgers on the cover. Baby Badger’s Wonderful Night by Karen Saunders is a gentle goodnight story (Don’t worry, it is about animal Badgers and the relationship between a young Badger and his father. It has nothing to do with Badger sports). I heartily recommend this 2011 title from Egmont. On the subject of Badger’s, I also recommend Brian Jacques’ picture book A Redwall Winter’s Tale.

Wondering if there were more children’s books inside Avol’s Books than the few dozen in the display window, I started walking through the store. I spotted some interesting artwork on the way.

This is part of the children’s section. There are chapter books and a few picture books in this area. There are also some vintage children’s books on a top shelf.

Moving around the corner, I found a castle! This is the children’s reading area and home to more picture books.

Children's Reading Throne Room 2 at Avol's

Picture Books in the Castle

The castle is a holdover from when Canterbury Books was in this space and Avol’s Books was at another downtown Madison location. I wish I could fit one of these inside my school!

After purchasing my picture books, I noticed the Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar 2012 at the checkout counter. A good friend from the camp I used to work at has a poem in the calendar so I then made a second purchase. Besides the calendar and Baby Badger’s Beautiful Night, I ended up with How to Teach a Slug to Read, Check It Out and The Hamster History of Britain.

The last book in the picture, Hot Iron came from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, but that part of the adventure is a post for another day.

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