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Mouse Guard Volume 2: Winter 1152Mouse Guard Volume 2: Winter 1152 by David Petersen
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I learned about Mouse Guard from my student teaching experience in an elementary school library. The Mouse Guard books were popular there because he had done a school visit there the year before. When I finally sat down with one of the books, I could easily see why. Had Mouse Guard existed when I was in sixth grade, I would have devoured it as I did when I was introduced to the Redwall books that year by my school librarian. In Mouse Guard, there are mice battling against their natural elements, larger predators and betrayal. The young must learn from the old and the old rely upon the young.

In this volume, members of the Mouse Guard struggle through the snow to bring back much needed supplies of food and medicine to Lockhaven. Three bands were set out. They need to hurry as one of their own lies near death back in Lockhaven. From one of the cities on their route, Kenzie, Saxon, Lieam, Sadie and Celanawe are able to receive two precious bottles of elixir.

A snowy collapse splits this band of Mouse Guard. Lieam, the youngest, and Celanwe remain above ground. They are to continue on with the medicine while the other three are to dare the underground tunnel they fell into. Both groups face adversity. An owl attacks the spot where Celanwe and Lieam shelter from the snow while Saxon antagonizes hundreds of bats.

David Petersen’s created a rich world depicted in vibrant art that conveys the emotions of his tiny heroes and predatory villains.

On his blog, you can discover the detailed model dummies he makes of the settings depicted in his comics. There are also links to two Mouse Guard shorts created as part of Free Comic Book Day:…

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4 thoughts on “Mouse Guard Winter 1152 by David Petersen: Book Ramblings

  1. Chris

    Great review, I wanna read it!

  2. Mouse Guard is extremely popular at my library. I haven’t had a chance to fully enjoy it – it’s never on the shelf… so I snagged it for my summer TBR pile. I know I am going to really enjoy it. Thanks for the link to the free comic book day edition.

    • Hope you enjoy it. It was very popular where I student taught and I hope to get my current students to love it as well.

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