Operation Book Hook: Day 1

I’m interested in finding new ways to promote books at my school library this next school year. Because I’m only at my school part-time, I need tools that can capture the attention of my young readers during book checkout time when I am not there. When creating my PDP (Professional Development Plan in Wisconsin), I brainstormed a Book Hook program.

Book Hooks are bookmarks that will be placed in the school library books when they are shelved or displayed in the library. As my library does not have much room to display books face outward, it is my hope the Book Hooks will encourage students to further explore the library’s collection. My plan is to start with fiction chapter books this fall. I will be expanding Book Hooks to nonfiction and picture books at later dates.

I’m still trying to figure out the final format for the Book Hooks. I know I want the book cover on the bookmark. I want the location as well so it will be easy to match up the bookmark and book if they get separated. The third essential element is a hook – a short sentence or question to get the students’ interest. The part I’m not sure of is the letter code. Students could look at the top of the Book Hook and see a string of letters. They then would have to open the book to read the hook. Do you think students would like the puzzle of trying to guess what the letter stand for? Or should I skip that component so the main three elements can be in a larger font size?

I will appreciate feedback on my Book Hooks. Thanks! Future Book Hooks will be shared on the blog as well.

For those who are curious, the font on the Book Hook is called Vigilante Sidekick. My Book Hooks are 5″ x 8″ and will be printed on card stock.

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4 thoughts on “Operation Book Hook: Day 1

  1. Chris

    I like the one with the words spelled out and then perhaps inside a couple sentences answering the question to draw them in :o).

  2. Anne

    When you get to the fiction, e collection I am sure you don’t need the “code”. I think it is a great idea!

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