Book Talk Tuesday Linked Reviews

Here are the reviews. Hopefully they are easier to see this way.

1. Horrible Histories: Bloodcurdling Box of Books ~ Read Aloud Dad
2. Jump, Frog, Jump! (Picture Books & Pirouettes)
3. While You Are Sleeping (Jen Robinson’s Book Page)
4. Captain Nobody (pageintraining)
5. Ladybug Girl (Children’s Books to Love)
6. Mattei Book Bits
7. Peter Nimble & His Fantastic Eyes (Lemme Library)
8. Ruby & Jenny (Our Time in Juvie)
9. Fashion Kitty series (Katie @ Secrets & Sharing Soda)
10. The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child and Polly Borland (Gathering Books)
11. Aliens on Vacation (Our Time in Juvie)
12. Bad Kitty Meets the Baby (The Cath in the Hat)
13. Ellie Ever (Great Kid Books)
14. How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous (Chocolate Air)
15. Wild Times At the Bed & Biscuit (Smithville Elementary Library-@ seslibrary)
16. Huck Runs Amuck! (Bigfoot Reads)
17. The Hunger Games (Lit Chat Kids)
18. Cat Secrets (liblaura5)
19. Margo@ Fourth Musketeer (Ben Franklin– his wit and wisdom from A to Z)
20. Book a Day Reads #3 (Try Curiosity)

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