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Kelly Butcher, over at The Lemme Library Blog, generously hosts a weekly forum for sharing children’s book reviews every Tuesday. A couple of weeks ago, however, Kelly’s husband took a spill and fractured his ankle. To help her out, I’ll be hosting Book Talk Tuesday for her this week.

Here are Kelly’s (and thereby my) rules:

    All content must be appropriate for children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.
    Websites that you link to must be child friendly since lots of kids visit this site and if they click on your link, I want it to be appropriate for them.
    Positive reviews only, please…we only spread love here at the Lemme Library (and Pageintraining)!
    Books must be available in the US. (You are welcome to link to ARC reviews.)
    I reserve the right to remove any reviews that don’t meet criteria 1-4.

In the link title field, be sure to include the title of the book you are reviewing and your site name. In the URL field, please link to the specific post that contains the book review. (That way, people don’t have to scour your blog looking for it.)

After you submit your link, please leave a comment for this post. As it is the fourth of July, please share your favorite historical place you have visited. If you haven’t been to one, please share a favorite history related picture book or chapter book.

Have a great week and thanks for participating!

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15 thoughts on “Book Talk Tuesday!

  1. It appears the linky widget I picked is not going to automatically show all the links in the body of the post like it does for Lemme Library. You can see them if you click ‘Mister Linky’. I’ll put up a post today or tomorrow that shows all of them so they are easier to see.

    Sorry for the tech issues!

  2. Thank you for hosting this week!
    I must admit I am not much of a history buff and museums make me groggy… I guess if I had to pick a “favorite” it would be Gettysburg. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon 14 years ago- back when I did things to make him happy! Ha- how times have changed! We visited all the buildings and the battlefields- it was fun watching him enjoy it. My favorite part of the trip was a seance in a haunted house.

  3. Thanks for hosting this week while Kelly is out. And thanks for the reminder on Twitter! Hmmm…my favorite historical place. That is a hard one. I live just outside of Washington, DC, so I guess I’ll say DC. We’ve been having lots of visitors lately so have been doing some sightseeing at all the monuments. In fact, one week President Obama made a surprise visit to the Lincoln Memorial on the same day we did, and we apparently missed him by less than an hour. I was upset for days!

    • That’s too bad you missed the surprise visit.

      I really like the Korean War memorial in DC and FDR’s as well.

  4. Favorite historical place in the U.S.–the White House, probably (I visited pre-9/11, when you got to see more of the place). Outside the U.S., definitely Versailles–I’m a French history buff!

  5. Well, I currently live on the outskirts of Philadelphia, so I’ve taken friends and family to see the Liberty Bell a bunch of times. I’ve even brought my nephew’s FLAT STANLEY project to visit it. While there, I met another FLAT STANLEY, this one from California.

  6. Thanks for posting this week!
    My favorite historical place in the US has to be Boston! I couldn’t take two steps in that city without bumping into something historical, and I love that the Freedom Trail is actually painted on the street so that you can literally follow a dashed line from one historical site to the other!

    • Yes, Boston is amazing with all its different pieces of history. On a non history note, I like the Make Way for Ducklings statues there as well.

  7. Hi! I’ve posted my link through the Mr. Linky Widget. Thanks again for hosting. My favorite historical picture book would be the Diary Series written by Richard Platt – Egyptian Diary, Roman Diary, Castle Diary and Pirate Diary. Beautiful how the historical details and narratives were transformed into something that children (and adults) would enjoy and love. Great artwork as well. =)

  8. It’s not related to the fourth of July, but one of my favorite picture books of historical interest is M.T. Anderson’s THE SERPENT CAME TO GLOUCESTER.

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