Fathoms of the Sky by Anna Landin

Getting a package in the mail is exciting. Getting a package with reading material is doubly exciting. Having that package come all the way from Sweden makes the reading experience that much more special. That the zine is written, illustrated and autographed by a friend of mine is priceless.

Fathoms of the Sky is the creation of Anna Landin. Part I: Across the Floors of Silent Seas was released this spring. A young woman wakes up alone and confused on a small island. When she comes to edge of the island, a sudden fierce wind startles her. When the wind and wave quiet, she finds herself looking up a wind spirit who she names Gale. While he cannot answer her as to how she came to be upon the island, Gale can take her away from it.

She accepts his hand and is whisked into the air. Flying terrifies her. Unimpressed with her fear, Gale releases the young woman. She plummets through the air–to land safely upon a cloud. But everything in the sky is not as safe as that landing makes it seem.

Part of the charm of this zine is what Gale and the young woman do not know about each other. He’s taken aback that she cannot fly as he can, and she wonders how he cannot know the lighthouse she called home.

Illustrated in black and white, Fathoms Part 1 is a thirty page zine. For a
Preview of Anna’s Fathoms work
visit her Deviant Art gallery devoted to the project. Not all these scenes and characters scene there appear in this first installment.

Here is information on ordering Fathoms. The zine cost me $8.00 in the United States and then $5.00 shipping. Given the international shipping, it took about a week for my copy to arrive. The text is in English. The cover is soft paper, so I would not recommend jamming it into a backpack.

I’ve known Anna for over five years through a variety of online writing communities and challenges in which we’ve both taken part, including National Novel Writing Month. She has a talent for characterization that I’ve always enjoyed. Earlier this year, I commissioned a piece of art from her that I then used in my school library for Read Across America. I loved how she built upon my idea. Anna has also made covers for some different group projects I’ve been a part of and one for another friend’s book. This is one she made for a project I can hopefully talk more about in the near future.

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