Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows: Book Rambling

Ivy and Bean (Ivy and Bean, #1)Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

At first glance, Ivy and Bean are two girls you wouldn’t think would get along at all. Energetic, social Bean loves nothing more than getting on her big sister’s nerves. She ends up all over the neighborhood whereas new girl Ivy plays alone outside her house. Whenever Bean’s mom suggests she play with Ivy, Bean resists. She’s convinced Ivy is the most boring girl ever.

When Bean’s latest scheme to get back at her sister goes awry, she takes off across the court where Ivy unexpectedly helps her hide. Bean is surprised to learn Ivy has spent the day pretending to be a witch, complete with a robe covered in misshapen paper stars. Ivy offers to help Bean deal with her bossy sister. From preparing potions to getting caught trespassing through a cranky neighbor’s lawn to a mishap with a mud puddle, the girls don’t have a dull moment. They leave at least one mother wondering if this new friendship was such a great idea.

While Ivy and Bean’s resulting friendship is predictable, their antics will entertain third and fourth grade readers. This is a good series for children who like mischief in their books. It might be work as a pair with the Clementine books.

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