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Frankie Pickle and the Closet of DoomFrankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom by Eric Wight
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I adored the cover of this book with all its Indiana Jones glory. The story inside is even better. Frankie Pickle has a problem many kids (and adults) can well understand. He has a messy room. He happens to like it that way. His giant heap of comics is in just the right place for some midnight reading. His toys are in place to pick up their epic battles of good versus evil at a moment’s notice. His parents, his mother in particular, are less than pleased with this.

He makes a deal with his mom that he won’t ever have to clean his room again so long as he deals with the consequences of that choice. At first Frankie revels in the freedom of not cleaning his room. Then the dryer sheet fairy stops delivering clean clothes and he’s left wearing odds and ends. Unable to see his favorite toy, he steps on it and has to do emergency repair. His dog Argyle won’t come in the room because of the smell. Frankie’s problems reaches monstrous proportions.

I love the alternating use of comics and prose to tell Frankie’s story. As a former band member, I was amused by Frankie’s friend who only ‘speaks’ in music. Frankie’s first book is full of fun humor.

Shel Silverstein’s Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout would be an excellent pair with this book. I would enjoy seeing student responses to what could all be hidden in Frankie’s messy room.

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