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Babymouse #14: Mad ScientistBabymouse #14: Mad Scientist by Jennifer L. Holm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mad Scientist was my first read in the Babymouse series. Babymouse’s frequent daydreams were amusing. Her inattention causes problems, including a familial accident. I enjoyed the moments where her dad read to her. As a librarian, I loved her excitement at a wrapped book. I also well understood her frustration at hearing her dad’s excitement about the science fair when she wanted to hear the end of the fairy tale he’d been reading.

Having recently read Squish I enjoyed the tie-ins between the two books. In Mad Scientist, Baybmouse ends up doing a science fair project on amoeba. To study them she scoops up a jar of pond water from Squish’s pond, so he ends up on her microscope slide. I had fun with this implausible friendship between a mouse and an amoeba.

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