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Dino-basketball (Carolrhoda Picture Books)Dino-basketball by Lisa Wheeler
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Lisa Wheeler’s sports loving dinosaurs appear in their fourth competitive book. Dodo reappears as the referee once more as the meat eaters and veggiesaurs go tail to tail on the basketball court. Game starts out in the favor of the veggiesaurs’ green team. Those mighty long necks have quite the height advantage on velociraptor. In rhyming text, Wheeler slips in dinosaur and basketball tidbits in this fast paced game.

My favorite dino-sport book is Dino-hockey, but this was an enjoyable follow up read. One thing I appreciate about these dinosaur sport books is that both teams have their strengths. It is never a landslide victory. The illustrations do a great job of capturing the energy of a game crowd. As a read-aloud, this book would leave students wondering when Dino-Football will begin!

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