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Roland Wright: Future KnightRoland Wright: Future Knight by Tony Davis
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Roland dreams of becoming a knight. He’s lasting longer in his wooden sword bouts against older brother Shelby and even won one. When he’s helping with the family craft of armor making or assisting with chores around home, Roland pictures himself as a knight. Such daydreaming gets Roland into trouble, especially as commoners don’t become pages, let alone knights.

When a jousting accident gets a knight stuck inside his armor, Roland has a chance to meet Sir Gallawood, his local hero, as Roland’s father bangs him loose of the armor. The prominent knight orders new armor from the family, but that is not the most exciting part of the day. A group of heralds announces that the king’s officer-of-arms is coming with a message. Wright Armor saved the life of the king in battle and the king grants the family two favors. First, the armor can now include marks showing it has royal approval. Second, one son can be trained as a page.

Roland’s father sets up a series of contests for both of his boys to determine who will be the future armorer and who will be the future page. Can young Roland out do his big brother? What does it really mean to be a knight?

This series would be a good fit for those readers who cannot get enough of knights and castles.

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