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Enter the Zombie (Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie)Enter the Zombie by David Lubar
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For Nathan Abercrombie, time is running out before there will be no hiding that he is a zombie. His body is getting soft and he has to keep squishing his features back into the shape they should have. Falling to pieces is far from his only worry. Mr. Murphy, Nathan’s mentor and leader of the Bureau of Useful Misadventures, needs Nathan and his two closest friends to take part in the Brainy Brawny Ultimate Athletic and Academic Competition. Mr. Murphy wants Nathan, Mookie and Abigail in the competition because of its connection to RABID (Raise Anarchy by Inciting Disorder). No one from Nathan’s school has ever competed before in Brainy Brawny, but what should be a shoe in for Nathan’s team becomes worrisome when a second team enters, one with bully Rodney and braniac Eddy. Before the competition, Nathan is dunked in a bone-strengthening treatment to keep things from snapping. A whirlwind visit from Abigail’s scientist uncle leaves Nathan barely daring to hope for a cure to his condition. He has to choose between helping to save the world and saving himself.

This book had me as a reader from the introduction. “Winter is over. I used to like spring. But when you’re dead, and trying not to rot too fast, the last thing you look forward to is warm air and sunshine.” I had never thought of the dangers of warm air for zombies before. I also liked the somewhat sarcastic edge to the narrator’s voice.

Enter the Zombie was the first book I’ve read in the Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie series. It happens to be the last book in the series, but David Lubar included just enough back ground material that I was able to leap right in and enjoy the read.

This book is sure to appeal to upper elementary school readers who like the combination of humor and the grotesque. I’d like to pitch this book to readers who enjoy Dav Pilkey. The cover art for this books does a fantastic job of representing the heart of the book – the t-shirt represents the Brawny Brainy competition, it has the slightly disgusting elements of rotting and is appropriately zany looking.

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