Book Ramblings: Squish Super Amoeba

Squish: Super Amoeba (Squish, #1)Squish: Super Amoeba by Jennifer L. Holm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Squish, an amoeba who’d rather read comics about the Adventures of Super Amoeba than pay attention in class, ends up in a huge predicament all because his friend Pod makes him late for school. As a consequence for the third late day in a week, Principal Planaria sentences Squish and his two best friends to detention. That afternoon, Squish is forced into a deal with the hungry, vile Lynwood to prevent the larger amoeba from consuming perky Peggy the paramecium. Lynwood has to be able to copy off Squish’s science work, but the deal falters when Squish’s teacher picks up on the copying scheme.

I enjoyed this first entry in a new graphic novel series. The humor is just right for the elementary school audience. The simple characters are single minded. Peggy is happily excited about everything. Pod is constantly claiming to be on the brink of stopping global warming. If he wants to avoid something, he finds the sudden need to wash his pseudopods. Squish daydreams of being a superhero and wrestles with having the courage to do what is right. Squish’s superhero daydreams are depicted in gray skills with the actual events of his life being portrayed in green, white and black.

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