Finding Direction

I pretty much ignored the blog the last two weeks. Now, with the help of some friends doing similar things with their blogs, I’m trying to fix that. One reason it went quiet around here is I fell off the reading band wagon. Picture Book Party, where I was reading and reviewing multiple picture books on weekdays ground to a halt. At first, it was meant to be a short break to read some other things. I finished up reading Michael A. Stackpole’s novel of short stories called Tricknomancy. If you like gritty crime solving stories, this is a fantasy twist on them. These stories were about Trick Molloy, a former police officer fallen on hard times who finds himself dragged into investigating a series of brutal crimes. I worked on an overdue critique of my friend KA Levingston‘s Cry the Wolven. She writes vivid dark fantasy. In this case it was of the werewolf persuasion. I hope to finish the rest of her novel this week during spring break.

I also held my first book preview day at the school library in those two weeks. I selected books, created a handout, acquired snacks and was pleased to have eleven of the teachers stop by to preview materials. A library media specialist focus group in my area met as well to discuss advocacy and different tools. I enjoyed my first preview of a book on a nook and briefly examining a colleague’s ipad. It is a very tense time in the school library world, and it was felt that night. I value this group because of the opportunity to connect and listen to others in my field in my area. If you happen to in southeastern Wisconsin, let me know and I can put you in touch with the group. At this point I am fortunate in that my part time position is planned to continue next year.

My fourth grade students are creating imovies about inventors and scientists they researched. It’s been an exhausting adventure as I learn just ahead of them. Complicating the process is that there are three versions of imovie in the library and lab, two of which are not compatible with the third. I’m moving from whole group to small group instruction to finish up. That seemed to work better when I tried it the one day before break. I’m still finding the place between being too simplistic with the students and demanding too much on not enough directions. It’s not surprising given that it is my first semester, but it is something I strive to improve.

I’m planning on blogging at least twice a week to get back on track. Rather than only doing reviews and the occasional teaser from my works in progress, I want to put some more of me into this blog. That means blogging about the school library, resources I find, the writing process, etc. Hockey season is safely over for the year, so you are safe from that for a few months. At least one book review a week will go up as well. Tonight I tackled Invisible Inkling. I have some catching up to do from last week’s readings of The Buddy Files, Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable and One of Our Thursdays is Missing.

For those of you who blog, how do you focus your blog?

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