Book Rambling: Spaceheadz

SPHDZ Book #1! (Spaceheadz, #1)SPHDZ Book #1! by Jon Scieszka
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Michael K.’s first day of fifth grade is off to a horrible start. At his new school he’s already been grouped with two of the strangest children, who are also new. There’s something very not right about Bob and Jennifer, and that’s with ignoring that Jennifer ate half of his pencil. They don’t know why people raise their hands or why there are lines to go to recess. What they say makes no sense, especially when they say the class hamster is their mission leader. Bob and Jennifer claim to be aliens from planet Spaceheadz and that they need to get over three million people to become Spaceheadz or Earth will be turned off.

Michael K. doesn’t believe any of this for an instant until a strange incident at recess involving a remote. Even that he manages to ignore for awhile. Nobody will listen to him that there’s a problem, that Bob and Jennifer are not normal. This is a fast-paced, present day science fiction adventure that’s bound to cause some laughs for the middle grade audience. The adults in the story are bumbling, especially Agent Umber, who is supposed to track down alien activity. I’m curious to know how many of the advertisement slogans in this books kids can identify as Bob and Jennifer pretty much spout nothing else than slogans and wrestling cries.

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