Book Rambling: Masters of Disasters

Masters of DisasterMasters of Disaster by Gary Paulsen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this book to be shriek-out loud hilarious. While some could say this book is lacking in plot, I found the mayhem caused and endured by these characters more than made up for that. Henry is the master schemer of plots. His friend Riley is always prepared for everything and can pull anything from first aid kits to college pamphlets from his sack. It is poor Reed who ends up doing the dangerous, dirty and smelly work in all these schemes.

It starts with wanting to set a world record for bicycle somersaults that has Reed riding his bike off a roof and onto a diving board. Throw in the dumpster experiment, the bull riding, the catfish and a hundred-year-old cold case and the trouble never ends. Reed is threatened with living in the garage if he ends up smelling any worse after one of Henry’s ideas.

I was first introduced to Gary Paulsen’s work years ago with the Hatchet. This book is my first recent read of his and it demonstrates the breadth of which he is capable. I would eagerly recommend this title to fans of the Time Warp Trio. I knew it would be a fun read from the time I was guessing the books Reed was referring to early on. Actually, I knew it from the moment I read about how Reed was always late and Riley was hauling around ziploc bags of vegetables because meetings had to have snacks.

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One thought on “Book Rambling: Masters of Disasters

  1. Thank you for stopping by Book Talk Tuesday! I haven’t read this Paulsen title yet, but have meant to. I did love Lawn Mower Boy- very, very funny as well!

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