Book Ramblings: Wallie Exercises

Wallie ExercisesWallie Exercises by Steve Ettinger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wallie is a lazy dog who’d rather master his snores than go out of doors. His owner is fed up with Wallie’s lazing around so the two drive off until they find a troop of chimpanzees doing push-ups. When something giant looms overhead, Wallie is convinced he’s going to be a crunched lunch. Luckily, the giant turns out to be an exercise elephant named Edwin.

At first, Wallie thinks exercise will be an easy snap. He has a lot to learn and soon wants to give all together. He needs his owner and the other animals to encourage him to keep on trying. The book includes some exercises with funny names for kids to try out such as Lazy Tag and Silly Shark Squat. These could be great as a brain break in a class or for use in gym or at a camp. Besides including exercises, this book includes the importance of hydration during exercise and warm-ups.

Some could say that the message of this book is somewhat heavy handed, but it is one that kids need to hear again and again from as many sources as possible.

I received this book as a giveaway.

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